Are you looking for me..?

HI, my name is Dee, but many know me by other names...
Firstly I'm known as mom by my kids, and Nanny by my sweet adorable grandchildren.
My husband confuses many by referring to me as Twin, but I wouldn't change it for the world. : )
My friends at  PSP~4~Everyone   know me as Twinlet. (or sometimes as
When i fly with the  Spirit Fairies  over at the  SiteFights  i'm known as D'FlutterFairy.

My interests are many and varied,
I love  Unicorns,  dragons, and anything mythical,
  Wolves  and Penguins.
And, as my loved ones will tell you, I'm obsessive about  Lighthouses.

I love trivia games, and my favorite one was
Cosmo Conundrum at
It was also known as Trivia free for all
Now sadly, it no longer exists.
I liked Uproar not only for the great games,
but for being responsible for me meeting my husband and the love of my life,  Hal .
Most know him by,   "Poetry" .

I have written more than a few poems , and have had a few published,
but, my main goal is to write a book someday.
I'm also an avid reader, and my favorite series of books are
The Anita Blake vampire hunter novels by Laurell K. Hamilton.

When I have the time, I enjoy playing in PSP9 creating tags and scrapkits , and DAZ studio
creating tubes of all sorts of strange and hopefully wonderous things. ; )
I love all kinds of music, but classic rock and alternative are my favorites.
I love action, adventure, and suspense movies,
Asian horror is a newly discovered favorite.
I'm also a big fan of grindhouse style movies.

Well, folks, i hope you enjoyed your quick trip through my mind, and i hope you're still

This is my guardian wolf, his name is Ravage

To learn more about my home state, click on the arizona sign...

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