"Hello, I'm D'FlutterFairy,
I'm a Spirit Fairy for The Site Fights.

What you ask, is that, well, i'll tell you,
The Site Fights are a Web site competition
based on fun, friendship, and fellowship.
As for the Spirit Fairies, we check to
make sure the sites are family friendly,
and all links are in working order, but
most of all, we spread sprinkles of
good cheer and root our fighters on! "

We've got the Spirit!!!

My official fairy wings

"I've been a spirit fairy with the SiteFights on and off for several years,
I started with DUnicorn team then moved on to Serenity team then became a member of DPet team.
I was Lady in Waiting for Lady Gardenia, but due to computer problems I had to leave for awhile, *sniffle*,
but I've has been back with my wonderful Dpet team for several years now. Yeah!"

Lady Archer presented me with my 4 year plaque on Febuary 3,2007

I'm going back into competion, so i'll be out looking for some new vote buddies.I still have a page set up for some of my old buddies, I hope some of them still compete and want to VE with me again.


My VE Page

I was very honoured to receive this award from Lady Archer.

D'Rabbitha presented me with this wonderful award on behalf of DRealm of DSpirit on January 11, 2004

PenyCat presented me with this lovely gift.

I received this awesome fairy choice award on Sept 14, 2003

This wonderful award was presented to me the week of Sept 29, 03

I have received so many lovely gifts from my fairy family with my awards that i will soon be adding a special page devoted to my gifties.

 Here's some of my favorite SF goodies, from past and present days.

 Lady Jewell presented me with this lovely award on Sept. 9, 2003

 I can shout it out!

I received this blooming basket from Fairy Penycat

DFairyStar tossed this fairy dust at me...but i ducked...*giggle*
My friend Fairie D'KittyLove spinkled me in fairy dust...*S*




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